Alumni Band GAMEDAY Updates

Written Oct 28, 2016 by John Gorta

Some quick reminders in advance of GAMEDAY

  • Schedule is listed out below
  • Parking lots do not open until 7:00AM. We will maintain our schedule as it is, but adjust as necessary if we do not have everybody checked in.
  • To purchase parking in advance, click HERE.
  • We recommend finding a West Campus lot, and arriving on Hemphill from 10th Street as East Campus entry points will be closed due to the Wreck Parade
  • The reception will begin at Couch immediately postgame

GAMEDAY Schedule - May shift 15-30 minutes based on parking lots opening at 7:00AM

(Hopefully starting a little later...)

6:45AM-7:30AM - Check-in @ Couch (Light refreshments will be served)
7:30AM-8:15AM - Welcome/Announcements/Elections @ Couch
8:15AM-9:00AM - Rehearsal (Music & Marching) @ Couch/CRC Fields
9:00AM-10:00AM - FOOD @ Couch, then travel to Campanile
10:00AM-ish - Alumni Band Concert @ Campanile
10:50AM - GT Band Warmup and Pregame Performance @ Campanile
11:10AM - GT Band & Alumni Band meet and play BUD @ Library
11:30AM - MARCHDOWN, Stairs, Enter Tunnel
11:44AM - Percussion Enter the Field for Pregame
11:45AM - Pregame Performance to West Stands