Executive Director's Update: February 2020

Written Feb 23, 2020 by John Gorta

Hey Band!
I hope everybody's 2020 is off to a good start...now that we are almost through the first 2 months of the year... The GTBAA Executive Board has begun meeting and chipping away at the actions coming from the last Business Meeting at Homecoming and kicking into our regular planning cycle and I wanted to get some updates out there.

First, an important bit of information of which many of you should already be aware:
Homecoming will be October 15-17, culminating with the football game against virginia on Saturday the 17th.
While we expect the Alumni Band program to be similar in structure to the last five or so years, we cannot say for certain until registration is officially opened.

Next, the GTBAA Student Leadership Scholarship...
  • Current official total is $17,715 or ~71% to our goal of the minimum endowment gift of $25,000, which will return a $1,000 scholarship.
    Note: we are working closely with the Alumni Association to validate the totals with the GT Foundation and this figure may be lower than the actual total!
  • If we hit the minimum by end of calendar year 2020, the scholarship will be available to award in the Fall of 2021!
  • Please visit HERE for the information on how to donate
  • At present, snail mail with a check is the only way to donate to this scholarship. This is an extremely huge pain point for a lot of us and I continue to be a broken record asking for a method to donate directly to this endowment directly.

I can't express how excited the Board is about the scholarship and what it means to have a permanent impact on the Georgia Tech Band!

As far as some of the other bits coming out of the Business Meeting, here are some general business updates:

  • Bylaw review and discussions are underway during regular Executive Board meetings - we'll spare you with the terribly boring things (sorry to those of you who enjoy those types of debates) for now. More to come.
  • We are working with the Alumni Association to plan out some type of a "Town Hall" and offer an opportunity to get anybody and everybody who may be interested in such a thing together in a meeting-like setting outside of the annual Business Meeting AND include a virtual component for those that are out of town but want to participate!
  • A candidate to serve in the capacity of a "student liaison" for the GTBAA Executive Board has been identified and we're working to iron out a few details before that is made official.

I speak for everybody on the Board when I say we welcome your feedback, questions, and ideas. We're always happy to discuss anything and will share as much as we can. If there is something you want to see us take on or to look into, please, by all means, give any of us a shout.

Here's to a great rest of 2020.

Ramble this way, Ramble that way, Ramble off the field!


John Gorta, MGT 2009
Executive Director