Hey Band...We did it!

Written Feb 21, 2021 by John Gorta

...a Scholarship update from our Executive Director

Hey Band!

On February 17, I signed the agreement with the Georgia Tech Foundation, Georgia Tech Alumni Association, and Office of Financial Aid, officially marking the creation of our organization’s scholarship endowment. All of our gifts over the past two years allowed us to exceed our goal of raising the minimum gift amount for a scholarship endowment prior to the end of 2020. As such, we can award the scholarship to a deserving student leader in the GT Band for this coming academic year.

This is a momentous occasion for GTBAA as an organization and everybody who gave as a collective group of individuals. An endowment was an idea that had long been thought of by Executive Boards and members past and I am honored to be associated with a group of people who sought to capitalize on the opportunity laid in front of us to make it happen. We’ve created something that will truly leave a lasting legacy on the Georgia Tech Band by providing for the students. I could not be more proud of our group for having achieved this goal. My hope is that our efforts have also fostered a culture of giving back along the way so that the Band may have it even better than we did back in our day.

I want to give my sincere THANK YOU and CONGRATULATIONS to everybody who played a part, no matter how large or small, in making our scholarship endowment a reality!

Remember, this is just the beginning and we have to continue to help this scholarship endowment grow. If you maybe missed out last year, wish to give another gift, or perhaps even a recurring gift, this can be done online directly with the GT Foundation (don't mind the out-of-date text and description!) or by contacting the Alumni Association.

I hope we are all able to be back on campus soon to reconnect with each other like only GT Band alumni can.

Ramble this way, Ramble that way, Ramble off the field!


John Gorta, MGT '09
Executive Director
Georgia Tech Band Alumni Association