The Georgia Tech Band Alumni Association Student Leadership Scholarship

The Background

In the fall of 2018, the GTBAA Executive Board was informed by the Georgia Tech Alumni Association that the Georgia Tech Band alumni answered the bell and exceeded the goal of 900 donors for the 2017-2018 Roll Call Challenge. For successfully completing the challenge, GTBAA was awarded $10,000 to be used for scholarships and programs. After much deliberation (ok ok, not really a lot of deliberation...this was one of our best ideas, if we do say so ourselves), the GTBAA Executive Board unanimously voted to use the winnings to do something that the organization had not done in their almost 40-year history: endow a scholarship! Thus the Georgia Tech Band Alumni Association Student Leadership Scholarship was born.

Scholarship Criteria & Information

The GTBAA Executive Board had two goals in mind: make sure a deserving student or students received the scholarship, and make it simple to award. As such, the scholarship will be awarded on an annual basis to qualified student leaders of the Georgia Tech Marching Band who were selected to their respective positions by the members of the Georgia Tech Marching Band and the Band Directors. Recipients of the scholarship shall be selected by the Director of Athletic Bands, or his or her designee. Pretty simple, right? RIGHT?!?


The minimum amount to start an endowment is $25,000 (which will return a $1,000 scholarship). As of mid-December 2020 our total is hovering very near our minimum goal and we expect the endowment to be established in early 2021.

How to Donate

We now have a method to accept gifts electronically! And yes, all of these donations will be tax-deductible.

Electronic Donation

You can also make a donation online directly through THIS LINK.

Check Payment via Snail Mail

  • Make check payable to: Georgia Tech Foundation

  • IMPORTANT - In the 'Memo' or 'For' section of the check, notate: Band Endowment. This ensures the donation goes to the right place!

  • Mail check to:

    Georgia Tech Alumni Association
    Attn: Kat Ballou
    190 North Ave. NW
    Atlanta, GA 30313

How does this work with Roll Call?

Great question!

Unfortunately, the gift you make to this endowment does not count toward Roll Call. Roll Call gifts are unrestricted donations and can be used for pretty much any program or purpose at the Institute. Gifts that are specified for a particular purpose, as this one would be, do not get to count toward Roll Call. Sorry for the disappointing news. :(