Homecoming 2016

Alumni Band Registration

GAMEDAY Schedule

6:45AM-7:30AM - Check-in @ Couch (Light refreshments will be served)
7:30AM-8:15AM - Welcome/Announcements/Elections @ Couch
8:15AM-9:00AM - Rehearsal (Music & Marching) @ Couch/CRC Fields
9:00AM-10:00AM - FOOD @ Couch, then travel to Campanile
10:00AM-ish - Alumni Band Concert @ Campanile
10:50AM - GT Band Warmup and Pregame Performance @ Campanile
11:10AM - GT Band & Alumni Band meet and play BUD @ Library
11:30AM - MARCHDOWN, Stairs, Enter Tunnel
11:44AM - Percussion Enter the Field for Pregame
11:45AM - Pregame Performance to West Stands

Alumni Band Program

  • Alumni Band GAMEDAY activities will include:
    • GAMEDAY rehearsal
    • GTBAA Business Meeting and Elections
      • Elections this year are for the Member at Large positions
    • Performance at the Campanile
    • Marchdown with the Yellow Jacket Marching Band
    • Pregame performance on the field with the Yellow Jacket Marching Band
    • Homecoming reception with the Yellow Jacket Marching Band
    • Football! TECH vs. dook

Surround Sounds Concert

The annual Surround Sounds concert presented by your Georgia Tech Yellow Jacket Marching Band is on Friday, October 28 starting at 7PM in the Ferst Center. GTBAA will be hosting a post-concert reception.

Football Game Information

  • The Homecoming game vs. dook will be Saturday, October, 29
  • Toe Meets Leather at TBA - Kickoff time will be announced 12 days prior unless the ACC takes the 6-day option to announce the TV schedule.
  • Tickets to the game for those who are not season ticket holders or do not already have a way to get in the game are available to purchase through a special online ticket window link.
  • Tickets cost $45 plus applicable fees. The link to purchase will be provided on the confirmation page of the registration form once you submit your registration.

Alumni Band FAQ

Q: When does registration close?
A: Friday, October 21

Q: What do we wear?
A: We will be wearing:

  • Khakis
  • The optional GTBAA ball cap.

If the weather calls for it, you are welcome to wear a white GTBAA fleece. GTBAA polos, fleeces, and ball caps are available for purchase through the online store.

Q: How much does it cost?
A: This year, the total homecoming registration fee is $35. This includes dues, pregame meal, and other fees to cover costs of the Alumni Band program. GTBAA will be allocating 20% of all registration fees and dues to service for the active Yellow Jacket Band.

Q: Where do my dues and registration fees go?
A: The registration fees and/or dues cover a number of things to support Homecoming each year and help keep GTBAA functioning. GTBAA also uses what little is leftover to support the active Band through service projects and alumni/active events.

  • Operating Costs
    • Website maintenance and development
    • Banking and online payment processing fees
    • Equipment and replacing broken nice things
    • Apparel/SWAG inventory
  • Homecoming Costs
    • Outstanding Junior Award - cash award, plaque, etc.
    • Surround Sounds concert reception and decoration
    • Printing and materials
  • Service and activities/events with the active Band

Q: Can I purchase tickets to the game?
A: Yes, you can! GTBAA and Chris Moore worked with GT Athletics Ticketing to get a block available for Alumni Band participants to purchase tickets through a special online link, which will be provided to you after you complete the registration form.

Q: What time does toe meet leather on GAMEDAY?
A: The earliest we will know is Monday, October 17. The ACC can still take the 6-day option to announce the kickoff time for a Georgia Tech home game this season.

Q: Can my family join me?
A: Yes, your family is absolutely welcome to join you during all of our pregame activities up until marchdown. Due to NCAA regulations, which have been in place since 2007, nobody under the age of 18 years old is allowed on the field and sidelines.

Q: What do I do with my instrument during the game?
A: Instruments will be stored in the Edge building during the game. We will meet at the Band section for The Horse at the end of the game and retrieve instruments together as a group.